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Family Planning


Family planning refers to the purposeful timing and spacing of pregnancies and births. Our gynecologist can help you and your partner to plan the size and timing of your families through a variety of methods. Family planning can include your desire not to have any children, to time the births of your children so that your body can recover between pregnancies, or to have children during a certain timeline in order to coincide with your career and other life choices.

If you have a known medical condition that is likely to worsen with age, family planning can help you to conceive and deliver children in a way that helps to keep you and your babies as healthy as possible.

How a Gynecological Visit for Family Planning Works

During a family planning visit with our gynecologist, you will talk about your desire to have or not have children. If you desire not to have children for a while but want them in the future, our doctor will present different birth control options.

If you so choose, our doctor can place internal birth control devices such as an intrauterine device (IUD) or a hormone implant in our office. Our doctor can also provide birth control shots and can write prescriptions for birth control pills. Your doctor will offer instruction on properly using birth control and let you know what you expect from the birth control method that you are using.

If you do not ever want to have children, our gynecologist may offer permanent birth control such as a tubal ligation or coils that prevent conception. We also offer guidance on over-the-counter family planning solutions such as spermicidal gels, male condoms, and female condoms. If you want to try natural family planning, our staff offers advice on how to chart and track the most fertile time of the month, which is around ovulation. This allows you to avoid intercourse during those times if you do not want to get pregnant. If you have already had a child and want to plan the timing of your next baby, our gynecologist can guide you through optimal timing for health. Your partner is welcomed to attended these family planning visits.


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    When Is Family Planning Gynecological Care Needed?

    All sexually active women can benefit from a family planning visit. Family planning visits can be used under conditions in which a you want to avoid pregnancy. This might be due to financial, career, or personal reasons. Family planning gynecological care is also for when you want to have some control over the timing of your pregnancy. For example, if you are a teacher, you might want to time your due date to be during the summer, when you are not working.

    Who Should Participate in Family Planning Care?

    Any woman who could get pregnant will benefit from our gynecologist’s family planning care. Our gynecologist offers important information and guidance about achieving and avoiding pregnancy. This helpful information can be used by you at any stage during your reproductive years.